Owner, Mary Beth Stark, a Milford native and life long animal advocate, has designed the ultimate resort for your furry loved ones, where they will have plenty of room for supervised play and socialization! Mary Beth grew up in Connecticut, and has extensive horse, dog, and cat experience. Having a huge passion for rescue work, and saving the lives of animals in need, Mary Beth originally opened Bark Avenue Pet House to fund her rescue work. Today she has rescued almost a thousand dogs! Mary Beth's unwavering compassion shines brightly when she works with the dogs at Bark Avenue!


"We brought our Rocket to Bark Avenue Pet House, LLC a little over a year and half ago and knew we found our second home for him. We love that he gets to run around and be his energetic self with other doggies. Whenever we drop him off the staff remembers him and he loves to go with them. We are thrilled to have a place to bring him when we won’t be home and know he is in a good place. From the first time of meeting Mary Beth, we knew Rocket was in good hands." -Cara

"We brought Loki, a very high energy Shiba Inu, to Bark Ave as soon as we got him. We’ve been going ever sense for four years now and Loki knows the days he’s going to play with his friends. I appreciate how much love and care they give Loki. I know how energetic he is and they have no problem welcoming him with open arms." -Luisa

"About 10 years ago, we brought our VERY rambunctious and assertive GS mix for daycare to give him exercise and socialization. We knew he was a handful, but the employees at Bark Avenue always made me feel like he was a great pup that just liked who and what he liked. Fast forward to almost 10 years of daycare and boarding, and Mary Beth helped us bring another family member home with one of her rescue litters. My now old man pup still loves going periodically and I never worry that he's too much and I know he's being well cared for."-Gina

"We have been entrusting the care of our Springer Spaniel “Sophie” to Bark Avenue for years when we go to the beach or on vacation and we can’t be more pleased with the dedicated, professional care they provide. In fact, this past summer, they literally saved her life. We were in Rhode Island and Sophie developed “Bloat”, a condition that if not addressed quickly is usually fatal. The observant workers at Bark Avenue Pet House, noticed Sophie was not acting normal. They felt that her stomach was very hard (a sign of Bloat) and the owner Mary Beth Stark and her friend Lori who is a Vet tech took Sophie to a veterinarian hospital in North Haven as we rushed home from Rhode Island. It turned out she would need emergency surgery, but there was no one available on the weekend at North Haven to perform it so Mary Beth transported Sophie a 1/2 hour away to another hospital that had the proper surgeon on call. By the time I got to the 2nd hospital, Sophie had been checked in and stabilized. Sophie had the surgery and has subsequently made a full recovery. The doctors do not know what caused this, but if it was not for the attentiveness and quick actions of the staff and owner we would have lost her. The care and concern that Mary Beth exhibited recognizing the urgency of the situation , taking Sophie to the hospital, filling out the paper work, waiting there, transporting her to another hospital, and even putting the charges from the first hospital on her personal credit card (without telling us) to expedite the process goes way beyond a typical business owner’s behavior and we can never thank her enough. I actually just picked Sophie up after a 2-week stay as we were on a family vacation that we were able to enjoy knowing that our Sophie was being well taken care of at Bark Avenue! They truly take care of our loved ones as if they were their own." -Owen

"Can't believe it's been 6 years that Hugo has been going to Bark Ave! Bark Ave is the ONLY place I can bring Hugo to that he doesn't look back at me and runs in full tail wagging every time. Every employee knows him personally and knows me as Hugo's mom and because of that I know I can trust that he is in the the best of hands with a team that truly cares for the animals and that he is getting his exercise in with all his best furry friends! Thank you, Bark Ave!!" -Christina

"We absolutely love Bark Avenue Pet House! We recently relocated to the area with our 8 month old pup Fawn, after searching around we found Bark Avenue Pet House, LLC. We decided to send Fawn for daycare and it has been nothing short of an amazing experience for her. She has a bunch of puppy energy and can definitely be off the walls sometimes but every staff member has always made her feel welcomed and she has calmed down so much since starting daycare! She absolutely loves it and even gets so excited when we pull up she cannot contain herself. I can’t thank them enough. Couldn’t imagine sending her anywhere else!! So glad we found this place they truly are the best." -Jalene


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Phone: (203) 693-3124
26-32 Higgins Drive,
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